Chris Cowdrill Illustration Chris Cowdrill Illustration
Riso Print - Artists Book (Plastics, Plants & Medicines)

Riso Print - Artists Book (Plastics, Plants & Medicines)

This is a limited edition riso printed artists book. It's not really about plastics. Or medicines. It's probably more about plants, though.

It contains images of plants taken from my sketchbook drawings combined with collaged elements from different books on plastics, plants and medicines (!) There are three limited and numbered editions, printed in the same colours, but on different paper for each.

Printed on White: edition of 11
Printed on Newsprint (off white): edition of 10
Printed on Canary: edition of 5

These booklets are A5, 16 pages, presented in a cellophane bag for protection - and each comes with a one-off 25mm button badge made from one of the proofs for the booklet.

A bit of info...
if you’re not familiar; risograph printing is a bit like a cross between screen printing and photocopying . it’s a spot colour process which means the colours are printed on separate layers like in screen printing, but at potentially higher speed and volume. by printing on separate layers you can get miss-registration and other layering effects that add to the unique aesthetic of the process.